You're just a bloke - but you're also:

The POWERFUL authority figure who commands respect
The PROFESSIONAL career man who get’s promotion 
The COOL guy who turns heads at the bar
The SMART guy at work all the girls drool over
The HANDSOME dad at school pick up
The mature man who’s like a FINE wine

Fashion? No! - Smart? - Yes!

Make shopping trips fast, easy and effective
Give you to brands that are well priced but great quality
Build you a wardrobe for years, not months
Provide a system for getting dressed and ready for any event
Help you make strong and lasting first impressions
Give you confidence in the way you LOOK and FEEL about yourself !!


Whether its a shirt for the office, a week-end in the country or a night out we've got the shirt for you!
Our brands include Cavani, Casa Moda, Venti, Tom Hagan and Ralph Lauren.


We expect a lot from trousers, they have to work hard! They are sat upon, rubbed on chairs, creased  and stretched at knee and thigh.
Our ranges are chosen for both their style and durability


Your shoes tell a lot about you - and we are told they are one of the first things the ladies notice.
Invest in a few good pairs that wear well - and choose for the occassion.